Mindy Houston
These folks work hard to get it right. We've used them for years and will continue!

Ben Upchurch
Let me tell you about shopping local (I'm a local business owner)... I returned a lawn mower this morning back to Sam's Club - I hated it. I missed my old Troy Bilt Personal Pace mower and I thought Ross carried those at The Hardware Store. Sure enough, after a phone call, I found out they did and had them on sale! I assumed that 'On Sale' meant they might now be close in price to what Home Depot (puke) sells them for. I walked in and got a thorough education on all my options. The owner and his son gave me the shake down on all models, I picked one based on their suggestions, they told me all about it. THEN - they gassed it up, test ran it and loaded it into my vehicle! The punchline - I paid less than what I would have paid at Home Depot. Bravo for shopping local and Bravo to The Hardware Store.

Danny Henry
I couldn't operate my business with out these guys, Delane, Melissa, and the crew are great. They continue to help me grow my company and provide all the tools with great prices. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my needs

Chris Wimberly
Great place to get personal service and great products. I'm so happy it's still there after 30 years still competing with the big box stores.

I've purchased several Still products at The Hardware Store. The employees assisting me were very helpful in determining which product I should buy, without exerting influence to buy a more expensive product. The two STIHL products I brought in for repairs were fixed in a timely manner. These two fixes we're the only two in over twenty years of owning STIHL. The store additionally is full of items you would expect in a hardware store.

Diane Aday
Everything hardware that I need, plus some hard to find items, and great customer service!

Jeromy S 

They are always very helpful and knowledgeable more so on older hardware. If you can't find it at big hardware franchises check with them before replacing or just go there before the hardware franchises. 

Matt Jordan

The hardware store is my go to place for anything and everything that a handy person would need, I find that all of their power equipment is top of the line and built to last, I've bought my last two still chainsaws there and my Stihl weed eater. They keep many of the accessories and tools, and can order just about any Stihl part I've needed. So glad to have a place like this around , such a knowledgeable and friendly staff, everyone that I've worked with there really is in tune with their business.